Leverage Online Tools to Reach Your Audience

We provide social media marketing, retargeting and other digital marketing services

If most of your customers spend time online, you'll need to make digital marketing a priority. Whether you're looking into retargeting services or need help managing a social media marketing campaign, Joseph Tardi Associates, with offices located in Niskayuna, New York, is committed to helping you succeed.

We focus on people-based campaign development and execution. Our digital marketing services include:

Display advertising | Geofencing | Mobile marketing | Programmatic marketing | Retargeting | Search engine marketing (SEM) | Search engine optimization (SEO) | Social media marketing | Video marketing

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A well-rounded campaign will serve you best

You could focus on video advertising if you want to reach customers who spend much of their time watching YouTube. But chances are, your audience also visits websites that display ads to site visitors. You'll want to arrange for retargeting services to ensure that your ad reaches your target audience.

Find out what strategies you should consider adding to your campaign!